MUSIC!!! woah >:)

i love listening to and discovering new music! this is my spotify so u can snoop on what i am listening to!
here is what i have been listening to in the month of december!
this is a really great doom/shoegaze centric playlist that i did not make!
i love this website!!! even if u dont like classic rock this guy will make you enjoy it :D
recently i've started exploring country. i made this playlist, it is Not representative of the genre as a whole, just my personal taste, and also made by someone just scratching the surface
and here is a bangin' post punk playlist that is madatory listening for some college class? i feel bad for those kids because it is soooo long but! it is a good playlist
this is my 10 essential tracks by laura jane grace and her assorted bands. she is my absolute favorite musician and i will never shut up ever about her work
and this is my stoner/doom/psych metal playlist

i also love websites that look at your listening habits :0 here are my favorites

2day i am listening 2 this cover of jolene. one day i'll make a whole playlist of metal covers of country classics.

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